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Air-Conditioned Bed

Air-Conditioned Mattress Topper

Perfect temperature sleep. No more hot August nights. No more chilly winter nights. The Perfectly Snug Breezy Topper air-conditioned mattress topper will keep your bed at the perfect temperature.

Air-Conditioned Bed

Elevation Pillow

The unending search for the perfect pillow is over. The Perfectly Snug Elevation Pillow is fully adjustable both height and softness while maintaining a comfortable shape.

Air-Conditioned Bed


Accessories and Individual components can also be purchased from Perfectly Snug.

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There Is More To Sleep Than Closing Your Eyes
Perfectly Snug Breezy Topper

What is THe Topper

The Perfectly Snug Breezy Topper is a mattress topper with a difference: it provides air-conditioning for your bed! Its luxurious memory foam feel maximizes sleep comfort while maintaining the perfect sleep temperature.

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How Does It Work - Air Conditioned Bed

How Does It Work

In the Perfectly Snug Breezy Topper, temperature controlled air flows under and through the surface of the topper to maintain the perfect sleep temperature. The Perfectly Snug Breezy Topper has two layers: a first layer distributes the temperature conditioned air under the topper; a second layer provides maximum comfort while dispersing the air under the sleeper's body and into the bedding. The result is a perfect sleep environment at the perfect temperature.

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